Arrow Quest Idle Defense RPG tips, tricks, apk

Arrow Quest Idle defense RPG is a simulation, idle RPG, casual, afk type of game. Its quite simplistic in nature and doesn’t have much options. Tips and tricks, apk link, and guide for Arrow Quest are given below.

1.Do daily and repeat quests. Daily quests are repeated so do the easy ones first like killing 59 enemies, clearing dungeons, summon weapons. You can watch ads to summon 8 weapons too. It’s always better to spend 30 gems to get 25 summons as you get more per gem. Summon skills even if you don’t want them just to clear that quest and make your skills better slightly. Your rest of gems should be be solely directed towards weapon summons as attack is most important. Tap on quest on right side above and summon which is 4th option below.

Repeat quest are repeated whenever they are finished. The longer you afk, the more you will get gems especially from killer enemies quest.
Choose a level you can complete easily. Tap switch after you die to switch levels.

2.Arrow quest best upgrades: Best upgrades are attack, attack speed, attack range, critical chance, and critical factor in ascending order. You get gold based on your attack. The elevated your attack, the more gold you get. Health should be upgraded if you can kill enemy in one shot but die with 1 or 2 hits to your tower. Health regeneration works well against bosses too but should be co considered as last option. Critical chance and factor is geared towards bosses too. It does increase your chances of getting quick kills. Get it to 10% and critical factor to 4 or 5 to get one 4x hit every 10 hits probably. You also get more gold just for afking. Afk means away from keyboard as it’s idle game.

3.Summon and level up your weapons to get more attack. Leveling up previous weapon will give one weapon of next grade. Your summoning level goes up as you draw weapons. At level 6, you have 17% chances of epic draws, and 0.65 for legendary, and 0.017 for Mythic. You get 0.01 or 1% chance for arcade at level 10 which will make your attack extremely strong allow you to get massive gold for every kill. Weapon augment attack much better than attack upgrades. Don’t summon Armor until you get Max weapon summons. Skills should be given second preference for summons.

4.Arrow quest best skills: You should go for common skills as they are easier to upgrade and have less cooldown time. Arctic blast, starry swarm, iron blast, and titanium hailstorm are best beginner skills. You can select legendary or epic skills later as you draw better skills. Iron blast is especially useful to protect tower as it blasts upon contact.

5.Play dungeon to get red gems, green gems, and gold. Red gems are used to upgrade special stats. Tap on first option below >> special. Upgrade attack. You get new keys so play them at least once daily. Boss damage should be chosen if you can’t kill boss in time. It is secondary option.

6.Get free rewards. You get free 10 gems from shop every 30 minutes. You can also watch ads to get 25 gems. This helps with summons. You also get offline rewards and more with ads.

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