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Zombotron is a 2D action game. The game has alien planet where you go on an adventure and kill enemies not just with guns and fists but also using physics mechanics, dragging objects like cylinders and boxes. You are supposed to use these items rusely and also save your bullets.
You can respawn multiple times without losing significant progress. Tips, tricks, guide, wiki, apk, best weapons, bosses guide, etc. for Zombotron are given below.

1.Walk slowly, wait and recover your health and look for enemies rather than moving quickly. Always have your health full before moving forward. If you get swarmed by enemies, try to go to an elevated place as they can’t jump. Jump and move rather than engage multiple without a gun.

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2.Use red cylinders to blow your enemies. Push them first and manuevre your enemy towards you and then blow them up. You can drop grey cylinders on them to kill them without weapons.

3.Aim for head shot as your enemies die quickly that way. There is even a possibility of double head shot. You can also wear head gear. Target legs of enemies and then once they drop it, wear it.

4.Use fists to blow wooden objects and non blowable grey cylinders if needed to save bullets for stronger antagonists.

5.Collect currencies from skeletons and treasures. You can buy ammo with them. Kill all of them and get all resources.

6.Zombotron best guns: Try to find secret places as they can give you extra guns, extra heart, and allow you to buy ammo. You need to keep pushing against certain walls to see if there is a secret place there. Try to explore each area completely on both sides to find secret places. You will probably need to jump higher to find them.

Always buy guns and don’t switch to a better gun if you don’t have enough for ammo. You can buy ammo instead for shot gun rather than buy sub machine gun, for example. Uzi is pretty good shooter gun. You can’t drop a gun so one way to play is to only with 1 gun and fist.

7.Try to finish all objectives to probably get maximum rewards. Check the tasks by pausing game.

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