Idle civilizations wiki, guide, tips, and tricks

Idle civilizations is a simulation game where you craft weapons and other items to get gold, grow your business by employing new workers, and selling even more items. You progress through different ages as you craft more complex weapons and items like bow, etc. Tips and tricks to progress in this game are given below.

1.Increase price of first gold item first to make some more money. Once you can sell for at least 40 you get, unlock bow crafting or next bigger gold paying item by saving enough gold. Next item gives more gold than first so focus on upgrading next items. Your next target should be to get first item and second to level 10 to get +1 worktop and x2 income. You get x2 more income at level 25. Once you reach level 25, stop till you save enough to unlock third item crafting. Once you unlock last item, just focus on it alone till it reaches highest level. Last items pay significantly higher than lower items. Upgrade lower tier items later to meet level up requirements.

Your goal is to reach certain level for worktops. Check bar at bottom or tap on map to see level requirements. You travel to next age as you progress through levels and different era when all ages are completed. It’s kind of p2w as you cannot get offline rewards without being connected to internet but there are lots of ad based rewards so it kind of evens out for f2p players.

2.Increase customer count once you get to a point where you bow is ready but not enough customers. You will see your workers sleeping. If customers are waiting but you are not in time, increase crafting speed and employ more workers. Tap on lower right option >> worker +1 or x2 bow crafting speed.

2 most important buffs from upgrades are earn 5x more and earn 3x more for highest gold item. If you could wait for 5 minutes or have enough with offline earnings and get those upgrades first, you will have much easier time upgrading your items. Get those upgrades quickly before just going for worktop upgrades.

Always upgrade highest gold giving items worktop first and try to unlock all worktops quickly before just proceeding with only 1 worktop.

3.Wear gear to get padded buffs. Tap on lower symbol of shirt >> equip. You can also merge gear of same class. Tap on shirt >> Merge and select gear to merge. Gears are divided into 4 classes grey, green, blue, and purple.

4.Accumulate free rewards daily. You get evolving chest with 80% chance of grey gear and 20% green gear and 10 free gems. Tap on shop sign on lower left to get these free rewards. You also get offline reward of gold and can get more chests and gold through ads. You need to be connected to internet to get these rewards. You can either buy disable banner ad or get reward and then log out, turn off mobile data, and log back in to not bother with ads.

5.Best packs to buy is starter pack. Best use of gems is to open timeless chest as you get 10% chance to get purple gear. Preserve your gems for it.

6.Participate in events to get extra rewards. Events appear on upper right. You get extra missions at level 4.

7.Bet use of gems is to use them for relics rather than upgrades like increasing chances of getting more tips. You will unlock relics and events at level 4.

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