Fury Survivor: Pixel Z tips, tricks, and, beginner’s guide

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is a RPG game with lots of attention on crafting items and persona boosts along with a good story line. I will list the best tips, tricks, strategies to level up faster and complete this game.

Tip 1:Destroy every car and search every place thoroughly before you move forward. Check every door too.

Tip 2:Use melee weapon for boxes and preserve ammo for bosses and for stronger enemies. Some enemies have extra shields which you can see when they have an aura around them. I suggest switch to pistol or rifles for them. You should keep rifles exclusively for bosses since you will run out of them fast.

Tip 3:Use landmines for almost every enemy as you run away from them. They deal effective damage when your enemy is chasing you. Also use damage and health boost for every enemy. This will preserve a lot of health in the long run and will help you take down
enemy quickly.

Tip 4:Never stay at one place when enemies are attacking you. Keep on running as you plant landmines on the way. Always craft extra health boosts, food and water and keep them in reserve as they will come in handy during critical battle moments.

Tip 5:Craft home remedy instead of saline as it gives you more health boost. For food carrot stew should be preferred over hearty stew as it recovers health too. Always have extra cooked meat, distilled water in reserve for urgent use.

Tip 6:Keep on crafting clothes like leather jackets, leather boots, hats,etc. as they get unlocked once level is reached and equip them for added boosts. Also you will have higher grade rifles, pistols and melee weapons in your bag which you can  use once you reach that level.

Tip 7:When you are in a refugee, you will get a chance to have permanent upgrades in the R&D department. Upgrade everything before you move forward. Then go to food, water and ammo supplies( the guy with fractured arm) and donate till you complete everything. You will also need to donate cloth
by going to Meds and Materials supply. Then just beside food supplies there is an option to upgrade refugee. Once upgraded you can get further upgrades to your character in the Research and development department. Claim coins from the little boy and the piggy bank. Then go to shop to purchase med supplies, pistol  and rifles ammo. Then go to craftsman to craft higher level
items. Craft the highest level melee and rifles first. Then claim your rewards by tapping on ‘crafting mission’ on the bottom right. Then check the letter from everyone you saved in the letter box just beside priest.  Dispatch the survivors every time for more rewards. You can also do special ops from time to time. by visiting yellow and blue circle entry point.

Tip 8:To buy shotgun ammo, food and other supplies go to camp. You will also get daily login rewards so visit there everyday. If you ever run short of anything, just tap on the pause symbol to visit camp or refugee.

Tip 9: When facing stronger bosses, if you are finding it too difficult to continue, go back to refugee to complete previous missions to gain EXP and when you reach higher levels, you should equip higher tier weapons.

Tip 10:Save everyone you can along the way. You will get letters from them in the letter box in refugee to get rewards.

Tip 11:When you will go underground, the trick to find right way is to follow directions on the wall.

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