Bloodline Heroes of Lithas best starter team

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas best team, best marriage

You have teams designed to stall the enemy and teams designed to blitz the enemy. Currently, the meta is more focused on stall, though it could go to the blitz route soon.

Clan Kojiki:
Well…in a game, generally if you find something an adversary player is doing ‘annoying’ it usually means they’re doing something right/good xD M Kojiki tethers to mw&s, now you have m koji sharing healing with mw&s while making him both stronger and more resilient, mw&s healing himself and Koji while they share healing…its like perfect synergy, even my anti-healing comp has problem dealing with this cause m koji’s ult is true healing.
Sure mws is like Lithas’s Kitchen Sink, you can just throw him with whatever you want and he’ll work fine, but these two really work well together.
If paired with F Almat ult, F Koji will drain 100 energy instead of 40 right probably .
They make good pairing.
FLS also makes a good, maybe necessary pairing so this way you reduce the effect of fortitude on her dmg. She can deal alot of dmg but it comes from small portions of dmg which will make fortitude stat look good otherwise.

You could try a thousand things. The meta team right now would be Fls, Mws, F Galibar, msk, F Ho/M Corbit.

Someone commented, “My personal dream team is Fls, Msk, m dawn breaker, M Corbit, M Celphos.” The meta team is based around cc, mine is based around Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas best team:
Someone commented on Discord,
“Crazy M Acuna value
I can’t take it anymore. I’m sick of M Acuna. I try to play F Galibar. My Acuna deals more damage. I try to play Male Sc. My M Acuna deals more damage. I try to play M WS. My M Acuna deals more damage. I want to play M Bjorn. His best team has M Acuna. I want to play against MSK. I would want M Acuna.”

“In don’t have any special trait on him, but he does lot of damage every fight.
F Seun ult help with front line.”

Image of best PvP teams:
Best Mythic team: 1st is best amongst all 3.

Best starter team:

Best starting team for campaign is F Ugrull, m Yivnian, M Tide storm, M fulgur or Aeson, and F Lion stone.
It’s one of each class so they aren’t fighting for fodder.
Don’t worry about the rarity, you can ascend to a higher rarity with a higher rarity duplicate as you get them.
And put all your intimacy into either the Travain companion or Gryphon companion until one of them reaches 17001 intimacy.

Dream team : F Aeson M Aeson F Ugrull M Ugrull M Karguk

A good team with F Almat without MWS or MSK:

Team without using MSK, MWS and Phenix and the best team one guy made is FAlmat, Mspider, Mcorbit MAskavarg and ROM!!!
Someone said, “Frickin love that team!!!”

Vigor investment in that team:
Mask-40v, Rom -60v, Mspider -80v, Mcorbit and FAlmat -70v

Pve doesn’t really need healing. Although since a lot of players run a ws and are heavily invested on. They put M ws.

First row three, F TL F Travian

Clan Almat:
Explanation to why F Almat is more desirable than M Almat:
M Almat on a team with MWS, M Acuna, M Seun, and F Ho and they do great. His ult is beneficial to the rest of the team and his damage output is high as well.

For Clan Seun:
If you have a Mythic Token for them so save it for when you know who is best. Your team could be M WS, Fenix, M Tide, and Xystion or whatever his name is. The M stuns probably which if you already have that, F would be better.
You can run all stun team. You ain’t getting much off less they all start to sync.

Because F does just a way better job than the M , M is definitely great but with stuns and all the cc he feels like he can’t really done everytime what he should done, then yeah his additional dmg can be very good to + he can be invulnerable and can be carry at this moment or not.
If you wanna make him shine he definitely needs a great team around him.
You could have him at vig 70+.
Hes ult part it always what you could skip.
You probably really have feel like his buff was not helping a lot but its great.
Compared to the F who is for me completely broken she can shut down (if she is well build) your front line and the rest of your team very fast.

She can fit pretty well everywhere but place it on the meta team.

It also depends at what range you are playing to here. She feels definitely broken to me, dmg wise oke because her skills etc but she is way too fast hitting and that is crazy but its also part of her skills.

On top of the strong stun and energy drain mechanic, F Almat has % max HP damage on her auto attacks in which she can apply quickly. This makes her quite strong in terms of defeating high HP melee champions like m Askavarg and m sk

She fares very fine without an energy stealing team. You don’t build a team around her, you just fit her in a team where you need a stun early on, and her dmg is just an extra, but since bulko is a thing you could try take advantage of her dmg to pop one of the front liners by adding someone on her back to help finish something off very early.

she works really well in a CC team though, so then her timing doesn’t matter soo much, run her with Ice bear and M Acuna and watch them freeze stun and just crowd control everyone to death, she is far more useful than M Almat who is more just a pure damage dealer.
but she does need to be high vigor level.

F Almat image:

BjornKriger image:

If building her for damage she needs icy thorns for sure, then brut, fier and go with energetic to keep her passive safe longer and clones higher hp.
Probably F clones cast immobilized.
You could not be building her for damage. You could be building her to live as long as possible and cause as much increased damage to enemies as possible.
Agreed. Brutal, Energetic, Honorable and a support skill like Sanguine/Hulking.
meh even though she’s more support than damage it’s kind of foolish not to use brutal on 99% of champs whose skills scale with strength. Only exception is F Ho who doesn’t need a single point of vigor let alone strength traits to do her job.

Best team for f2p:
Hard to say since there are so many champions to choose from. However, many people are running Male Water and Sun (mws), Female Ho, and Fenix (a bloodcraft champion).

As for roles, there isn’t one best but warriors never seem to have much use for most people.
Assassins and mages are usually the damage dealers for most people. Tanks are necessary to absorb damage and marksmen can be good just depending on team synergies.

Bloodline best marriage:

Marriage is a method of customizing the traits of your champs, and a way of raising their vigor. When you’re marrying for traits, you will want to put in the effort to force them. Additionally, you will want to use fodder that has level 22 traits. When marrying for vigor, you will want to not select any traits to be replaced. You will still want your fodder to have access to level 22 traits. It’s a lot to keep in mind. Lurk here on Discord and learn all you can about marriage before doing any in game.

Marriage is primarily for swapping traits between your champions. It can also be used to create hybrids but that topic will have its own section. To use marriage you select a Main Champion (left) and a Spouse Champion(right). The Champions also have to be differing genders. Each marriage also requires a resource item called a wedding ring. Wedding rings drop from campaign every 5 levels after Chapter 3-20. You can also purchase them in the store, at auction, or get them as rewards from various events.

After selecting both of your Champions, you will select a trait from the Main champion to discard(it will get slashes through it). The trait you get from the Spouse Champion will be random and remain at its current level, but it cannot be a trait that you already have. Once you confirm the marriage, both Champions selected “retire” and will be permanently removed from your roster. The Champion that you receive will be an exact copy of the Main Champion that you used. It will keep all of its levels, skill levels, star levels, and its rarity. Rarity cannot be changed through marriage. If the Champion had gear on it will be sent to your bag.

The Champion that you receive will be considered a new hero so you will have to re-equip its gear and put the hero back in all of your rosters and teams. You cannot use a hero for marriage if it is locked, in Valley of Conquests, or on an expedition.

General tips:
You should save intimacy for 1 companion at a time to get their trait maxed. Charm not so much. Charm affects your gold production overall. Intimacy affect the rarity of the heir.
And charm affects how much you get when you carouse.

Tip: You can unlock additional heir slots so you can produce more champions at once, this enables your progression a lot faster.
You need some diamonds for that (max heir slots is 15), so save some diamonds from daily quests and interrogations.

You can get mythic heirs from your companions, with level 22 traits, if you put in enough intimacy. additionally, intimacy is one of the ways to get the items you need to level up your guardian stone, which provides additional buffs to your champs. Another way is charm.

The table is calculated number of marriages to get to next 10 level of vigor, it is assuming you marry the same class to same class.
Table is updated for bloodcrafts in the comments, seems like warrior is best fit marriage fodder for them. In the pins there is a breakdown that has all levels and not just every 10.

Feb. 2024 they changed the stat gain to be based on the spouse instead of the main champ. This is how it should have been to begin with, but took until recently to actually take effect.

Breakdown, just to be clear as possible on where the numbers all came from:
For a mage, from 96 to 97 it will take stat gains of 585900 constitution, 39060 strength, 4464 fortitude (ss to also show where you could see these stats in game).

The 13347 const/874 str/103 fort is based on average stat gain from testing 30+ mage marriages, this can definitely vary though because of the rng aspect of stat gains, so that is why the average is used based on actually tested results.

Calculation in this table is based on the max number of mage fodder to get those stat gains.

Quickest way to get those blue Guardian stones.

Best marriage for acuna: Trait plan for that could be running agile, cutthroat, energetic and devout on her mainly to make use of her passive.

Best marriage for female crooked fins:
Go ambitious focus and rapid shot or cunning. It could be that honorable is not good 4 for her.

If you have no way to take subscription to make fast marriage (best way to get vigor stats ) then make M travain + F travain , then a new travain + the vigored travain to get full stats.

Travain or Gryphon is great start.
5k to produce 18 traits for your team since your a starter or 17001 to unlock 22 traits witch its way better. But what use is it having a high rarity travain. The Hero in general is probably mid to low on tier list. You will be able to marry the 4 other level 18 or 22 traits onto the champs you like.

You really should consider splitting the “labour force” between Travain, Griffon and Sallyhorn the fact they’re the only 1 star companions is really helpful to make…’mariage material’ to more than just archers, and the fact they all can be courted in 12 hours is also a plus saves flower bouquet and at least you can have some warriors and tanks too for better vigour increase to those classes xD

Buy the arena tickets and save them for events.

Tips regarding gear upgrades:
It could be difficult to upgrade them.
Only get gear from senate is the most general tip.

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