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Merge Sweets is a merge puzzle, casual, offline, and single player android game. There are various tips, tricks, and guide to progress quickly in this game. It has a story where Jenny takes over her Grandmother’s bakery after completing her education. She gets help from her friends too looking for a job. The game has fundamentally 4 elements, energy used to spawn basic cooking items, merging them to create different
recipes, selling them to get coins, and expanding your bakery with new staff.

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1.Bread, Kitty Snack, and Tomato are basic items spawned with basket. Basket requires 1 energy for
1 item. You can replenish upto 100 energy.
Tap on basket symbol till you exhaust your energy or fill all squares. Merge them by dragging towards another same item to get upgraded item. Initially, all squares will
have shadow version of item. Drag same item to unlock those squares.
2 breads will form Bread level 2, 2 bread level 2 will form Baguette, 2 Kitty Snack will form Kitty Snack Level 2, and 2 Tomatoes will form Orange, 2 oranges will form an apple, 2 apples will form banana and so on. Breads pay least with 2 gold, Tomatoes more with 3, and Kitty Snack highest with 5.

2.Sell your recipe items by tapping on “Complete!” above. Preserve some to get even higher level
Once you get enough coins, surge your bakery size by buying new floors, new decorative items
to make your bakery bigger and better. Tap on “back” sign on lower left >> coins to buy more. Tap on “Energy” to get more energy. Extra floor will give you more coins and energy.

3.Some item merges will give gold coins. If you tap them, you get 2 coins but if you merge them you get 6
and more.
Keep them hoarding and merging to get more coins. You will also get some items as you level up.
Tap on upper left to receive these additional rewards when you get sign on them. Tap on these items
to get them in your boxes.

4.Get diamonds whenever you unlock a new item. Keep on merging and not sell immediately to unlock new items. Tap on back symbol on lower left >> book option on lower right >> Acquired/red pointers.

5.Free up space, just in case by tapping and holding an item >> sell. This gives you less coins but can be used if needed. Merged items don’t give more coins unless you see them at top.

6.Employ new staff to help you with work.

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