Princesses Enchanted Castle apk,characters, tips and tricks, download free, and guide

Princesses Enchanted Castle is an educational, fantasy, simulation, life, and single game for girls and kids.

Tips and tricks:
1.Collect as many girls as you can by getting gold coins from first mission and third mission which is running and jumping. Tap on second option on left side to play these missions. They get longer as you progress but you also get more gold. Jumping mission has certain tiles
which break and others don’t. Be patient there. Choose correct tile which allows you to
jump higher and collect as much gold as you can along the way.
Running mission has certain tricks like pulling down to slide below certain barriers.
Collect powers to get more rewards and make it easier.

2.Use gold to buy new princesses. Tap on princess icon on upper left >> buy. You will have to use magic wand to unlock them. Drag it from upper right side. Wait till timer ends or watch ad to skip wait.
Tap on princess to break glass to unlock her. You can also get gold
by tapping items on floor.

3.Combine princesses to get new princesses. Tap on central mirror. See which princesses are required and drag them on both tiles >> tap mirror to get new princess.

4.You will unlock various items too as you get more girls. Keep them busy by dragging them towards these items. If they want food, give them food. They might also demand specific activities like bow and arrow play, sleeping, etc. You can even paint by selecting second mission from above.

5.Customize their looks by dragging them towards wardrobe. Choose different outfits, items for them to make them look different. Last option gives most best dresses option.

6.Characters: Paid characters are Gemma, Nia, Dakota, Crystal, Ember, Freya, and Luna. Buy them with 7 princesses pack. Tap on first option on left >> drag down >> Get more. There are other characters too
with various skin tones. African, White, and Asian princesses are available.

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