Fluvsies Pocket World eggs, toys, apk free download, tips and tricks.

Fluvsies Pocket World is an educational, simulation, pet, offline casual kids game. It’s an easy open world game for kids where you meet various pets and do easy missions.

1.Hut involves tapping on objects to collect them. See lower bar below and tap object seen on floor. You can only be wrong thrice or you have to restart. Be patient. Small bird mission has saving bird by climbing on tree branches. Your aim is to collect diamonds by doing these missions. You can follow arrow or roam and pick your missions as you like. Flower water to plant by pointing it towards its root.

2.Some squirrels will fight you. Target them to defeat them. Tap trees along your way to get more gems.
Tap on shells till they turn orange.

3.Customize and dress up your character by going towards house. You can recognize it with dresses and other accessories outside. You can try different dresses, shoes, hats, balls,
and glasses. You can buy some items with gems or get it for free with ads.

4.Explore every map thoroughly to get gems. Some tasks are easy and you have no time limit so take your time. Water plants, match colors for 3 animals, etc., collect free gems from trees, build bridges,etc.
Gems are needed to unlock next level. Tap on second option with map sign to unlock new map.

5.You get eggs when you beat rival cats with chained eggs. Tap on chained eggs to defeat these
Go to upper left pet symbol >> egg >> to hatch it. If you want an egg, then select it from first
option above and you will see it’s location. You will have to buy pack to unlock more maps.
Tap on map symbol >> Tuto Club Reward.
Open eggs and feed pets with whatever they want by dragging from upper right corner. If you don’t have it,
you can watch ads or drag whatever is available on last option.

6.Spend gems to build item. Tap “up arrow” sign to build house for
these new pets.
Enter house by tapping on it and feed them milk or other
item with ad as per requirement. Dress them with new clothes and various items. If you tap crown,
you could play with that new pet or tap upper left corner to select new character.

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