Gumball’s Amazing Party Game apk, free download, tips and tricks, unblocked, 2 players, and online

Gumball’s Amazing Party Game is a rare type multiplayer game where you can compete with your friends
when you are together by taking turns of dice. There are 6 basic mini games, you can compete against each other. You can unblock even more mini games by buying them with tickets. You get 20 tickets
for every game whether you win or lose. You have 6 characters you can choose from. Drag into corner. If you are alone, drag only 1 character and play with bots. There are 4 places you can play games, Haunted House, Rainbow Factory, The Void, and Elmore which can be unblocked with 1000 tickets. If you want to practice existing mini games, go to Minigame Practice >> select a mission >> play. Buy more games by tapping next option. These games will be added when they get chosen
randomly while playing. Increase number of players by dragging characters in corners.

Tips and tricks:

1.Always complete a game even if you lose as you get 20 tickets regardless of win or loss.

2.Practice games from mini games option. Rainbow Jump involves jumping over to right blocks. Be patient
here. You jump slightly towards direction of next moving lane. Jump accordingly. Preferably jump on a bigger
tile. Always keep your eyes on next lane to calculate your jump in advance.

Ball Bounce involves bouncing ball off your pad. Focus on one ball at a time and take it towards another direction. It could take 2 bounces to do that.

Baseball smash involves hitting balls with baseball bat. Try to hit as late as possible to score perfect 10.

Quick Reaction involves reacting quickly to collect desirable objects but discard useless ones. Easiest way
to win is to tap as soon as you see an object. You get +1 for collecting right one and -1 for collecting trash.
There are more objects than useless ones regardless of that. Generally, you end up winning with positive score as others don’t get a chance to collect any item so you win even with +1. Just make sure you only tap once it rises high enough to see object as fake rises will waste your turn.

Ghost count involves counting objects with taps. Tap as soon as you see target ghost. You can even remember sequence of numbers as you win if your count is closest to answer. Generally it’s closer to 5, 10, 24, and 35.

Hurdle Hop involves jumping over hurdles. You should jump quickly when you are very close to hurdle to avoid getting slowed.

Try to find such small tricks for other mini games too. Try to play it as much as you could in mini games
to practice to win.

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