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Applaydu family games is made for kids. It has 3 modes easy for ages 3 to 4, medium for 5 to 6 years old, and hard for above 7 years old. There are 300 characters You can travel to wildlife, stars, and planets,
and tons of customization options. It has AR features and parental control feature which includes features like
check activities and suggestions about questions you can ask, playtime control under Manage Data, etc.
You can access it by going to parent icon on main menu on upper right corner and enable camera and microphone for AR character features, go to Access settings Applaydu >> Allow. Register for more by going to Manage Data >> scroll below and enter your email.
It can be played offline, there no in app purchases, or advertising.

Tips and tricks for Applaydu family games:

1.You have 4 basic customization options in the beginning of face skin tone with 5 types, 10 hair style, 14 hair color, and 14 eye color. This comes down to 5 x 10 x 14 x 14 = 11760 possible combinations! You can go for what you like or tap on “?” symbol on right side for random selection. Tap on 4 symbols below and select what you like followed with tick on right. Tap on left or right arrows to rotate your character.

2.There are 4 characters zebra, kangaroo, space ship, and elephantin beginning. You can choose digital character or scan your character for AR capabilities where character speaks what
your child says. You can print a qr code to unlock 3 new characters per day. Tap on last option on main screen >> upper right symbol for qr code generation and lower left symbol >> tap on screen to place character.

Zebra named Deborah: You can give simple commands to
your character by saying simple sentences like “Come here”, “Let’s Dance”, “Go hide”. Tap on last option
on main screen >> select zebra >> select microphone on left and say these commands. You can get your character to say things by going to microphone >> tap a symbol below twice to record and then speak something near your microphone to record. Recording will stop automatically after 10 seconds or you can stop it manually by tapping same symbol again. Recording will be heard immediately when recording microphone stops. Get trees and other things by
tapping on tree symbol. Drag them to change vicinity.

Space Drone will pop up planetary system that will
rotate while camera being on. Tap on top symbol on left >> space drone >> Sun.
You can tap on planets to learn more about them. There are various tricks to play
with space drone here. Drag with your 2 fingers to magnify or demagnify spacecraft. You can tap on stars or any place you like to move it there. You can travel it in different directions with lowest 2 buttons, blue
and purple. Change planet rotation speed by dragging bar on lower picture. Magnify or demagnify by dragging bar on left side. Tap on “Circle” on right to take a pic.

Unique trick here is that you can hide it by
making it tiny by drag demagnifying, move 2 fingers from distance to closer. Make your child find it by hiding it somewhere. Solar flares, behind planets by placing them on trajectory, and behind lower pic are good choices. Increase planet rotation speed to add more complexity. Another tricks is to give it commands like come here, etc. on first screen.

Kangaroo has features like feeding food, etc. You can learn about him by tapping book symbol below. You will learn about his food preference, where he lives, watch video, and map. Tap on audio symbol to make him bark. Kangaroo is herbivore so feed him veg food by dragging it towards him. He will let you know whether he likes it or not.

Elephant Tourist has certain items you can pop by tapping on tree symbol. Move them around. Speak

2.Travel around the world to places like Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Tap on first symbol on upper left >>
“>>” symbol to move forward.
Tap on shiny symbols like book on way. You will then find aeroplane which
you can paint with crayon, spray, brush, or paint. Tap on crayon to select paint type and
piant symbol to change color and delete symbol to
default it or reverse arrow above to move one step behind. Select next location Kyoto or Reykjavik.
If you visit again then you will find more factsabout that city from book.
Mexico City is similar.

Kyoto has game where you collect animals like zebra and lion and avoid obstacles. If you hit obstacle, you lose your animal.

Reykjavik has game where you avoid animals and drag it towards end.
Every time you visit same place, you will find some new information in paper on your way.

There are other places like Mexico City and Bakama too.

Deborah can go to Dreamland, Savannah, dreamland, ocean, and space. You play hide and seek or Dodge and Dash in dreamland. Ocean has PaleoKid game. Space has Dodge and Dash or Link The World game
Savannah has hide and seek game.

Space Drone can visit planets like Mars, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune can be used to check gravity and take pics. You can visit and play Chase Ace there.
Select space drone from your inventory >> first option >> red button to eject. Once your go to space,
move by dragging your screen to preselected target to visit there. If you visit other planets, tap on space drone symbol to check gravity or take a picture. Once you eject from planet, a planet symbol will appear, move towards it to land there.

Kangaroo goes on a trip and you play a game where you are supposed to reach target by preselecting directions. One of the trick here is that always switch your direction before selecting “>>” symbol. Here is pic to demonstrate that. Turn right before proceeding towards target. Missions do get harder from 5th level. Drag direction symbols on lower line.

3.You can read book about your visits by pressing second option, book symbol and then check gravity for all planets there. If you select other animal from inventory, you can read about your trips there.

4.Applaydu Family Games Downloadable content and downloadable link apk:
Although this game can be played offline, turn on your mobile data and press gift pack option on left to receive new characters. Complete character’s story by selecting it from your inventory >> binoculor option above. Whenever you will complete a character trip there, your gift bar will be filled. Once it’s filled completely, get new character.
Another downloadble link can be found in 3rd option above >> Word
Explorer. Complete trps there to get stars added to gift to unlock it.

Apk Download link:

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