Livetopia Roblox 50 cool hidden secrets! Collectibles, secret room, Wiki, and secret passages!

This article is about 50 secrets in Livetopia. If you don’t know Livetopia is full of a lot of secrets and in this article you will be going over 50 of them secrets. They are anything that is hidden, a collectible, or a secret room, secret passage, etc.

1.Fling people:
Get a horse and then go to someone and quickly move up back from them and you can watch them in the air. You could fling people with your horses if you run up to them and go back just very quickly. Please be considerate when you use this as you could fling all the way over to the cafe.

2.Snail House:
Go to the snail house. It’s a house that looks like a snail but anyways there’s some interesting secrets in the houses surrounding Livetopia. This one is one of them so if we go up
to the second floor, you will find a unique book on one of these bookshelves with a
snail on it. You can pick it up and it’s rather interesting but if we go on near bookshelf and we place it right beside edge of bookshelf located on right side besides white mark,
it’s gonna be doing something interesting. We need to place it perfectly right there and stand on white square. It opens up the secret room down below.
It’s pretty cool. It’s a trap room you got to get yourself through down.
and get your collectible.

3.Spirit House:
Next up is the spirit house or the Zelda house as you can call it and you will know
exactly when you spawn this house in. If you go up to the top of this house, you will notice some spirits floating around in a very odd like way not much of a real reason behind it at first,
but if you follow the spirit all the way down it’s going to open up a secret
portal that’s going to lead you to something very special. Follow the
spirits down to here it will open up triforce which is a Zelda reference
and you can enter in to find this room, pretty cool adding to a secret if you’re
in this room go ahead and grab the sword. Get through this room and look for other
spirits so we can collect all the spirits pretty simply by knowing the
location of them. There’s one under the water. Hit the grass and pots with sword
which will give us the total of five and the last one is right behind sword holder in a
chest. Collect that and now you will get our new present.
It’s pretty cool you get a present. It spawns here and you can open it but if
you already got it then it will not spawn.

4.Obby House:
It’s called Obby house because there is a secret Obby, cake
gear. You got to go find the missing cake which is gonna be all the way on
the fourth floor so you have to jump over. Do some crazy parkour we actually
have to do parkour to get over here. You could have just went to the third floor or something but
head up to the top, go towards door, turn left, go down, climb up the ladder and you are going to find that missing piece of cake. Once you have that cake you are going to take it back down to the beginning
area. The house is a maze with cake and before it gets all moldy and
old and let’s place it right back where it belongs. Go in the portal near that cake and you will have
a wonderful dreamy lobby of cakes and all kinds of deliciousness.

5.Up House:
Next up is the up house so go up and climb. This house has a few secret areas that you can kind of unlock and one of them being a attic up there in one of the main rooms. You can click
there on top part and head up on up into the attic to get a secret room where you can use the
telescope to well view any part of Livetopia and spy on your friends. It’s pretty cool a nice little Easter egg in here and this is also where the safe is This was like a little secret room in that house.

6.Top House:
This house is the colorful Tetris house. There is lot of stacks and lots of blocks of all of sorts so if we go on up here to the top there is a little sneaky secret that you can get yourself in if you’re careful. Climb up there in one of blocks. Press flower there. It’s going to open up this secret bookshelf room with total all kinds of surveillance and everything. It’s a secret room and it’s pretty cool. That is the only secret in this house.

7.Police Station:
Go to go to the cells in the police station
near hall. Head towards right direction after entry to go towards cells. Once you go into one of these cells things get interesting. Open up and open up little area. There’s a lot of doges. You will notice an underground tunnel that is going to lead you to another doge and then you will be able to go up. There’s a present there too. Open it. It’s also where one of the collectibles are located.

8.Giant Arrow:
You will see this giant arrow there and a lot of new players don’t know
this arrow can actually launch you all the way to an island and then we get launched all the way.
It’s kind of cold also on this island. If you accidentally get skyrocketed over to wrong area, go to shore then you could teleport back to the plaza really easy by just going to the orb. It’s good that they added that.

9.Secret Room:
You are going go to the burger maker in the mall and head on in and go beyond only to open up fridge slash to get popcorn. Open that up to jump up in and you should be able to
hold up. You should be able to come up there. Open up a staircase and get on to secret area which is actually very interesting, also in the secret room is a spying device. If you want to spy on people you could do that. It’s something that is definitely possible you could spy on all the people that
spawn into Livetopia. It’s like a hidden room here in the mall
which is kind of cool. There’s secret weapons and like also a painting actually there’s secret
weapons and a painting there and this is part of the collectibles that you can get to add to your collection so
definitely go ahead and grab this while you are up here as well as a painting location.

There are couple of cool things you can do at mills. You can open cabinets and you can hide in them depending on your character size, you could probably make this a bit more efficiently
but nobody’s going to know if you’re playing hide and seek in life Topia. It is definitely a good
hiding place. Press flower, and then it’s going to open up this secret room
down there. Once you are down in the waterfall cave, you will probably want a grappling hook
because you can go up here and you can hook your way up so we have the grappling
hook. You can hook our way all the way up there and then we should be able to get hold up.

It’s a hassle but you can grapple your way up there. You could sometimes jump your way in
from here into the Church because the Church is right there so
you don’t have to necessarily. You fall anyways that is a direct way into the
Church from there if you want to also do that.
You will go to on the top Church part where you could break through but you can also just
press there if you are on the Church and then fall exactly down in the same location. You can grapple your way right up in this room with the grappling hook which is incredibly
interesting as it’s a meeting room that doesn’t really have much in other
than there’s probably secret meetings conducted here. There is probably like a code you have to put on this. If this is not enough for you down in this cave then you can go
to a way to open up a vending machine. These are kind of old secrets. Look at some of the painting

11.Painting locations: 1.Topia Bank: You will need probably some type of a device look more specifically at paintings found earlier that you
can blow our way in to the bank safe. There is another in the bank vault so once you make your way into the bank vault there will be a present waiting on you. Go ahead and get that and add that one to your collection.

2.Sports Center:
Right across the street is the Topia Sports Center. That’s going to be our
next location to the painting you need. Go up to the office in this place. Head on up and it is right
on the wall. You will get your next painting for your collection. Head on over to the Topia school, you will go in and find the principal’s office that’s going to be what we need. Head on in there and you will see right over
there is that other painting.

3.Food Mart:
Next painting is going to be located in between the Topia bank and Food Mart so there is a weird building. It’s pretty bland. It’s for whoever wants to make it into whatever they want to make it into but either way
if you go all the way to the top floor there should be a painting right there. This is like a
Japanese style painting Teleport after that.

12.Mystical symbols: Dream Island:
Right on over to Dream Island. That’s where you are going to be looking at some
of the next secrets, so right at Dream Island get on amount. A horse is fine. Horses are pretty
fast and reliable so once you are on our horse, right at the spawn at Dream Island,
head on over to this waterfall volcano like the thingy and head up there and you can
start collecting some of these mystical symbols. There’s quite a few and you are going to go over a few of them. Go ahead and click mystery energy surrounding you.

Go to the Lighthouse Island. Underneath this island if you find it correctly is it behind it. It
might actually be behind it. It might be slightly on the behind part of
the the island but it is under water around this island there. You got to just look very carefully down
through here. You might be on the verge of finding it. Get underwater. Get symbol.
Mystery aura will surround you. This was number two. Get that third one
Get the watercraft there after spawning it. Once you have spawned
another jet ski, there is gonna be a rock past the docks along over there both well there are like two dogs. You have to pass the thing, but there is going to be a rock over there and that is
going to be where the next sigil is located. It is a small
rock just right over here by itself isolated. It appears where is it so go over there.
Deep dive down under water once again and find this last sigil
It is incredibly dark down there That’s all three. Continue
over to this rock if it appears there, it will be a shipwreck, near that shipwreck
is going to be a mysterious code and crystal. Go ahead and fall down there and jump down now they
should be. Get underwater there. It’s incredibly hard
to swim underwater in Livetopia. There should be a secret code right along the shipwreck there
in the island. You just got to find out where it is. Get that little crystal there. New collection will be unlocked.

12.Plushies: Go ahead and press button and go down to the sewers, you will be looking at
a plushy location so also falling into the collector category. Find a plushie or two
while you are at it. Go there and grab little guy. He’s like a ninja.

Vet Hospital:
Move right on over to the Vet Hospital. There’s going to be another plushie so head on in there. You will get
a worker there and he will be a skeleton and he looks rather terrifying but you want to go into the back room and into the back room, go down in there and head over there inside next room towards left corner to find next one. Open compartment and get anther plushie which is amazing. This is where you are going to start getting the salute blocks so go ahead and do that. That is one out of six then near the exit, head on up there and get the next one then head right back down and there is another painting location on the wall. Go ahead and grab that while you are there. Head on into the fire department, you will
find another one right there, and then another one right at the Helipad. There is another one in the police station in one of back rooms. Don’t forget about the one in the waiting area. You will get a badge for that.

13.Live Blocks:
Head on to the Topia Plaza. Find the live blocks/eggs as they’re called so if we go right here
behind this one you are gonna see one of the first ones out of nine. There is nine of these bad boys.
Then there is also one on top of the mall. It’s really easy to get. The next one is going to be on top of the police office so go ahead and place a ladder there and then jump up there and get that one. it’s kind of tricky to get to. You are definitely going to need a ladder because for some reason there is a helicopter pad up here but there is no efficient way to get up here. Head right over there to the wonderful rubber ducky. Go ahead
and dive under the water there. The next one’s over there. It’s really hard to
say the location so it’s right here on
the map, maybe that can help you. Next one’s gonna be at the Pilot Academy. Jump over there and then
under some of these solar panels is going to be your next one. The next one can be found at the
School Auditorium and this one can be kind of tricky to get here. It’s right here at the top so if we
can maybe jump and click it that’s how i normally find this one because it’s kind of tricky to get.

Next is going to be on an island that you can get skyrocketed to from spawn. It’s
very simple. You will only get one more.

Next one is behind the supermarket, also behind the police station. It’s just kind
of right there, kind of awkward but it’s just there simple as that. You will get all of them. Then look for
some shells. It’s another little collectible here. Dive down and get the first one right there.

There is going to be another shell in middle island
underneath the water.There’s actually another one right behind the
island as well on one of sides so if you can deep dive in, kind of get a good view it should be. Get under there. These these two are very close to each other so it kind of makes it easy to find. This one is green.
The next one is going to be near the Lighthouse where some of the boats dock you just have to come down there and grab that one.

Dolphin Bay: Next
stop is going be Dream Island Dolphin Bay. Get on your jet ski. Dolphin bay can be tricky to get to to
new players or people that don’t really know its location so on the map it’s going to be directly behind.

Go behind, straight, and you will eventually get into Dolphin Bay and you will know when
you do because the sky will turn dark and you will no longer be able to look
at your map once you’re in this select location so it is kind of a tricky place to get to but it’s pretty cool when you get here. Get in here to Dolphin Bay as it loads up and uh you will notice you can no longer can look
at the map and this is where things start to get real tricky. There are three three things you are going to be finding here.

Jump off there and start diving down. There will be little dolphins.
You can hop on them or help them. Start finding these which are very carefully placed there. Find another one right there. Head on over. They will be diving right in. Everything looks the same in Dolphin Bay
so when you are going to find these, it can get tricky so do keep that in mind but they are still findable. Go get next one. That will be 50th one.There’s also two more of those shells thingies down here in Dolphin
Bay so go ahead and get some of those while you are there. These are extras. There are two more down in here, one is through a tunnel at the end of the other side and the the one is in the upper part behind the coral over there.

These are 50 secrets in Livetopia. There are probably a hundred or 200 secrets in Livetopia. It is kind of like a never ending thing. There are so many secrets.


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