Mansion Tycoon New cars Roblox Wiki, codes, updates, fastest car, etc.

You can build mansion, drive and race nice cars and buy more amazing cars in this game. You can finish 3 mansions in 2 days. Fastest car is probably Devel 16 as it can go almost 300 mph and costs 65m. When it’s at high speed and you brake, it suddenly turns to left or right even when you are driving straight perhaps due to thin wheels compared to it’s size. Another fast car is Tesla Roadster with upto 230 mph in that car. Limited cars: LVN, Mustang, GTO. Game gets updated every week. Update for July 2023 includes cars (available for Robux) Cavalla DaCavalla Evo, Opera 760GE, and Eleganto Vento. Volt Speedster and limited time Crosser Stallion GE500, new gas station, and interior added to Bolt Contender. Latest update includes EB110, F50gt, 911 gt2 rs. There are 3 mansions to unlock. New update might include Mansion 4. Volt Speedster top speed is 220.

How to get VIP: Go to shop and buy VIP.

There are currently no codes for this game. You can follow official discord link and check UPDATES >> game for new updates.

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